Leather Industry Network (LIN) East Africa


The Leather Industry Network – East Africa (Linea) is an inaugural collective voice for East Africa’s leather sector, where solutions are defined, key priorities worked out and information that drives the leather industry shared.  The platform is designed to foster exchange and to present joint interests of the regional leather sector for improved market access, intra EAC trade and growth.

Linea offers leather stakeholders a reliable virtual space to connect, interact and transact business. The platform serves as a one-stop shop for information on the sector, including facts and statistics, as well as other quantitative measures for assessing, comparing and tracking performance and production.

This information is necessary in shaping the industry’s policy direction as well as disseminating market information that is key to improving industry processes so as to better meet the needs of customers.

More importantly, for the first time, the platform offers an easy-to-use interface that helps industry players to build and manage their business portfolios. The interface also allows consumers to connect conveniently with other market players in the regional leather sector, including manufacturers, agents and the government, thus eliminating unnecessary intermediaries.

All these benefits make the Linea platform the ultimate gateway to the East African leather sector and an effective tool for boosting trade in leather and leather products.