LIN-East Africa Secretariat 


Members of the Core Team/ Secretariat

Roles and Responsibilities of the Core Team

The Core Team of the LIN Platform Project is a representation of the EAC leather industry stakeholders to the project for the purposes of effective stakeholder engagement. This is as CBiT facilitates formalization of an EAC Apex/umbrella formation and office bearers elected to office. Formalization of the EAC umbrella body is fundamental to the success of Lin given that CBiT is expected to handover stewardship of the LIN platform to the Apex body at the end of the project period. These main responsibility of the secretariat is therefore to outline the provisional engagement between the Core Team and the project.

In the interim period, members of the Core Team will be LIN Platform Project country-level LEAD Persons (or focal point) and they shall convene meetings at least quarterly or as and when may be required by the project.  The country-level LEAD Persons will advance the greater interest of the project and its stakeholders  by communicating the project vision and objectives.

Secondly, the country-level LEAD Person will also facilitate, coordinate, promote and support project activities being implemented in that country as well as  help in achieving the project objectives and be the liaison and communications officer for the project there. They will therefore also be expected to work towards establishing partnerships between the project and country-level stakeholders, and the relevant government departments and agencies.