First eLearning course for leather industries held in Tanzania

MWANZA, Tanzania, 16 June 2014 – The first online training course on  Footwear pattern engineering was held today at the Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology in the city of Mwanza.

Organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and the Leather Association of Tanzania, the course was attended by  seventeen young people.

“Participants in this eLearning course are not only provided with a complete set of theoretical knowledge and methodology, but also receive practical training, learning to be more qualified in the emerging competitive leather and leather products manufacturing industries,” said Marwa Wambura, Senior Instructor of Digital Imaging Technician(DIT) in the Mwanza Campus.

Ivan Kral from UNIDO’s Agro-Industries Technology Unit added: “The creation of modular training courses in the field of leather products allows for greater interaction with trainers and significantly increases the impact of traditional training courses at very little additional cost. This  provides new opportunities for students from remote regions who do not always have access to training in conventional institutions.”

“The rapid development of information and communication technology has allowed online training to become an efficient means for UNIDO’s capacity building activities. With the help of new technology such as digital imaging, we are able to improve and increase the learning efficiency and help achieve technology transfer, which is one of our priorities, ” said Kral.

Additional courses, including on cleaner technologies in leather processing and effluent treatment for tanneries, are under preparation for technicians and workers in leather based industries.

Training material is accessible on UNIDO’s leather panel portal

For more information, please contact:

Ivan Kral
UNIDO Agro-Industries Technology Unit Officer