Interesting Facts about Leather

  • There are four types of leather: Full Grain Leather, Top Grain Leather, Corrected Grain Leather, and Bonded Leather. Full grain leather contains the outer part of the hide resulting to a very tough, durable leather than be used in harsh environments. Top grain leather is cut the same way as the full grain although the top layer is sanded making it soft and easier to apply dye. Genuine leather on the other hand undergoes treatment on top of the sanding while the split grain leather comes from the layer just above the meat making it less dense, tight and durable.
  • Leather is naturally fire resistant: This is however dependent on the leather type, tannage type, retannage and fat-liquor effect.
  • You can restore old leather: Old and neglected leather can be restored by allowing to absorb high quality leather dressing for up to 24 hours or when it can not absorb any more dressing. Thereafter mould it back to shape by massaging it by hand until it is to the desired quality and shape.
  • China the top producer of leather followed by Italy,Brazil, India, USA,France, Russia, Korea, Argentina, Mexico and Turkey measured by square feet of leather.The top 10 leather producing countries account about 70 percent of the global production.
  • Alligator and crocodile leather is the most prized  and most sought-after leather in the world.