Handbook on Importing and Exporting in Kenya

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Handbook on Importing and Exporting in Kenya

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Table of Contents

The Purpose of the Handbook

The purpose of this handbook is to provide those wishing to enter into international trade with basic information that will assist them in understanding and participating effectively in the process. It has been realized that information on international trade is scattered in several documents and institutions, which are often unknown to those seeking it. To obtain this information is often costly and time consuming. This handbook has attempted to gather the relevant trade information and put it together so that it is accessible in a convenient and inexpensive form. It is hoped that this handbook will facilitate international trade and enable more Kenyans to effectively participate in this important sector of the economy.

Target Users

Those intending to enter into international trade for the first time are the target. It is assumed that this category of users know nothing or very little about international trade. The handbook is therefore made simple and practical, showing step-by-step procedures on how to carry out the different transactions required to export or import. Additionally, the handbook provides

definitions of terms commonly used in international trade which users must familiarize themselves with. It also provides information on the key players in international trade with whom the user will have to necessarily interact during the course of business.